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Dynamics CRM TextaHQ SMS Integration

Over the past six months I’ve been developing a Student Management System based on Dynamics CRM 2011 for one of the new Trades Academies. I’ll talk about why we chose Dynamics CRM in a later post, but this post is about the integration I built with the TextaHQ SMS Messaging service.

TextaHQ was attractive for no monthly fees, low per message cost and a two way API allowing SMS replies. When replies come back the gateway sends the reply to a Callback URL allowing us to save the message straight into CRM. Not so great if your server goes down for a few hours, but it does mean we don’t have to be running a service to poll for new messages like some APIs.

I would love to have published this up into a nice how to guide but probably not going to have time to do that for a while, so I thought I’d code dump for now instead.

My solution consists of three parts, the SMS Message entity, the plug-in assemblies for sending the messages and a ASP.NET form to save the messages back into CRM.


SMS Message Entity

A new ‘activity’ entity named SMS Message

  • Add a field named characters remaining (see the Magnetism blog for how to implement the Javascript to count your characters remaining)
  • Add a field named sendernumber – this is where the sender number of mobile replies will be put
  • These are the status codes I am using:
    • Open
      • Draft (1) – Default Value
      • Failed (352,400,004)
    • Completed
      • Pending Send (352,400,002) – Default Value
      • Sent (352,400,000)
      • Delivered (352,400,006)
      • Received (352,400,001)
    • Cancelled
      • Cancelled (3) – Default Value
  • Setup the form – this is what mine looks like
    SMS Message Form

Plug-in Assemblies

Create a  Web Resource called ‘smsconfig’ – an XML file. Format it like below with the URL and API key from your TextaHQ account



Download the source code for the Dynamics CRM plug-in assemblies SMS Messaging source code

There are four files in the source code -


Contains a (rather bad) phone number cleaning method; a method to read the url & key from the configuration XML file; code for querying the ‘smsconfig’ web resource and the code to post the message to the gateway


Contains the definitions of the statuscodes I defined above


The code that should be triggered when the statuscode of the smsmessage entity is updated

It basically:

  • Checks if the status code is in ‘Completed_Pending’ send state (user clicks ‘Save and Complete’ on the SMS Message activity’)
  • Retrieve the needed data from fields, check the message isn’t blank
  • If the regarding entity is a contact, sends the message to the contact
  • If the regarding entity is a course (you can delete this functionality if you like), it sends the message to all of the contacts enrolled in the course with a mobile phone
  • Updates the SMS Message record to the Completed – Sent status (or Open Failed if it doesn’t manage to send any messages)

We send the Guid of the contact the message is being sent to as well as the Guid of the creator of the message to allow as user data to the TextaHQ API – this data is stored with the message and if a reply comes back the data is fed back to us. That allows us to assign the reply back to the original sender and set it regarding the correct contact.


This cool bit of code lets you send SMS messages from workflows! It takes the following parameters

  • Recipient number
  • Message
  • Regarding contact
  • User to assign replies to (system user/owner)

Then returns a MessageSent boolean to let you know if it sent or not.

In fact, if you wanted you could actually just register this workflow activity and forget about the SendSMS.cs – but I needed SendSMS.cs to allow me to send a SMS message to a whole course full of students.

(You would just setup a workflow to trigger when statuscode of sms message is set to completed – pending, then send SMS with the appropriate variables, then if it manages to send update the status code to completed – sent or open – failed)

Registering Plug-in assembly

Build the plug-in assemblies and register – this is what the step looks like for me for SendSMS.cs





You should now in theory be able to send SMS messages. I’ve added a ‘Save and Complete’ button to the toolbar for SMS Message activities, and renamed it ‘Send SMS’.

Sorry I don’t have time to tidy this up and write a proper instruction, but there are some other good posts online which I used to help me get this far.

I would have liked to implement party lists to allow sending to multiple contacts, but don’t really need it at this stage.

Hopefully you might find some useful code snippets that you can adapt for use in your project.
One day I might release it all packaged up as a solution!

I’ll post my SMS reply processing ASP.NET form soon to complete the puzzle.

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Security Tip: Automatic application updates with Ninite

NiniteThis isn’t a free tip, but works well for the networks I manage. One of the challenges for any Systems Administrator is keeping software up to date. I’m not so concerned about actually having the latest version of software so much as making sure if there are any security updates these are taken care of in a low effort way.

In your network documentation you should consider every application you have installed on your workstations and determine a software update strategy for each. Our Microsoft products are taken care of by Server Update Services, our Antivirus looks after itself and now we have Ninite for the rest.

If you haven’t come across Ninite before, it is a neat wee tool to install your favourite applications with a couple of clicks.

Ninite Pro adds some awesome features which allow this, such as a command line/silent mode, one touch software updates and caching software downloads. I subscribed to the $20/month plan for up to 100 computers.

There are lots of cool things you can do with the command line reference etc, but all I need is the update mode (which updates any of the Ninite supported software which you have installed on your computer), and to set it up to run on a regular basis. In my case, every time a computer is turned on.

Here is my standard configuration for Ninite

  1. Setup a service account with a secure password for Ninite in Active Directory and document the password in LastPass. It will require permissions to install software on your workstations.
  2. Setup a network share for Ninite and add permissions for the Ninite service account.
  3. Put your copy of NiniteOne.exe in the share and create a Logs folder
  4. Setup a Scheduled Task in Group Policy > Control Panel Settings > Scheduled Tasks
    1. Run whether the user is logged on or not, run tasks as your service account. Configure for Windows 7.
    2. Triggers – At system startup. You may wish to delay task for 10 minutes, I have it running immediately.
    3. Actions – Start a program
      \\fileserver\Ninite$\NiniteOne.exe /silent \\fileserver\Ninite$\Logs\%ComputerName%.txt /updateonly /disableshortcuts
    4. Conditions – Start only if the computer is on AC power
  5. Test it out, when you restart your test workstation a log file should be created for the workstation in the Logs folder, and any software supported by Ninite should be updated and cached in the network folder for a quick install on other machines.


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Security Tip: Block Internet Explorer invocation of Java with Group Policy

Given the non-stop barrage of security vulnerabilities being found and exploited in Java, every Systems Administrator should disable Java for Internet Explorer or have a really good reason not to. (Don’t worry, we can still cater for you if you have specific sites that require Java!)

Unfortunately it is notoriously hard to do. Microsoft had a go but US CERT found Microsoft’s method didn’t block it completely. US CERT’s KB article provides a registry file which blocks the invocation of Java Web Start for non-trusted sites.

I’ve converted the registry file into xml files ready for importing into Group Policy registry preferences. You’ll need two, one in a user policy and one in a computer policy.
For your convenience you can download them below.

Please test before using at your own risk!



Then just add any business sites that require Java to your trusted sites list. If you want to do it through Group Policy check out Alan Burchill’s article on IE Site Zone mapping but in my experiences only a couple of people have needed sites with Java and I add them on a per-user basis.

This is a low effort, maximum gain security tip for your organisation (just make sure you test that it actually is disabling it as it should!)

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Avaya SIP Trunking with 2talk New Zealand

SIP Trunking is a great option to lower the cost of your phone calls. We installed a new Avaya IP Office 500 phone system at the beginning of last year, so of course I was keen to get VoIP setup quickly through 2talk to cut the cost of calls going over our ISDN lines.

The Avaya system doesn’t seem to be particularly common in New Zealand so I couldn’t find much in the way of resources about setting up a SIP trunk on the IP 500.

A year on and we have used SIP Trunking with 2talk for the majority of our outgoing calls. Here is a configuration guide with the settings I’m using. If you know a better way of doing it, please let me know!

2talk & Firewall Configuration

Make sure your 2talk account is setup for SIP trunking, with your firewall configured to forward SIP traffic through to the phone system.
We are using the 2talk Plus SIP Trunking service, (trunk.plus.2talk.co.nz which uses the IP Works great in that we can lock down the firewall to that one IP, helping prevent SIP fraud and spam.

Our firewall forwards the following traffic through to the phone system:

Source Internal IP Ports Description
192.168.1.X TCP 5060, UDP 5060 VoIP SIP 192.168.1.X UDP 49152 – 53246 VoIP RTP

IP Office Line Configuration

1. Fire up the IP Office Manager and add a new SIP Line to the line groups. Here are the settings I used:
(Note, leave the ITSP domain name as 2talk.co.nz if you aren’t using 2talk Plus)

2. Transport Tab

3. Under SIP URI, add at least a URI for your pilot number.
Click add, set the Local URI & Contact to your pilot 2talk number, such as, 03281XXXX.
Display name can be set to whatever you like, I have it set to Use Internal Data.

A sidenote on Line Groups

We have a bunch of ISDN & SIP channels. All of our lines are set to incoming group 0. ISDN lines are set to outgoing group 0, my pilot SIP URI is set to outgoing group 1, and the rest of the SIP URI’s are set to outgoing group 9.
This lets us route calls nicely – we want all incoming calls to be dealt with the same using Incoming Call Routing, so they all use the same group. Outgoing calls, by default I want to send those over VoIP, so our primary ARS puts outgoing calls over line group 1. Emergency calls, 0800 numbers etc, go over line group 0, ISDN.

Either add URIs in the same method for your other 2talk phone numbers, or if you are running IP Office 5.0 or higher you can setup a wildcard URI as pictured above to accept calls for any number.

5. Under the VoIP tab I have the call initiation timeout set to 2.


IP Office ARS Configuration

We have IP Office configured so we don’t have to dial any number to get an outside line – just dial the phone number straight away. This is possible because we use extension numbers starting with 7, and there are no local numbers in Christchurch beginning in 7. We also have the ISDN lines setup as a failover if VoIP is down.

To simply things I would suggest one of the following; either get the users to dial a different prefix to make a call if it isn’t working normally, or you can set up an automatic failover to PSTN using two ARS routes as shown below.

User initiated manual failover

If you dial 9 to get out, set that shortcode to go over VoIP. Then, setup another short code ’8N’ (or similar), which forces calls over a normal phone line, so if VoIP is down people can just dial 8 to get out instead of 9. This won’t be an option for some people though, so I’ll share our configuration below.

Automatic PSTN Failover

  1. Create two ARS routes called Main and PSTN
    1. For the main ARS (VoIP), see my earlier post, IP Office New Zealand Dial Plan
    2. For PSTN, set it up like this, with line group 0 being the outgoing line group of your PSTN or backup phone lines
    3. Setup the Out of Service Route on the Main ARS to go to the PSTN ARS plan.
  2. Setup the main outgoing call shortcode, i.e. ? to Dial to the VoIP ARS line group (i.e. 50)

Now, if VoIP stops working for whatever reason the calls will go out over PSTN. Unfortunately they will take longer to go through and there will be some horrible beeps in the process which I haven’t worked out how to disable yet!

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Avaya IP Office New Zealand Dial Plan (ARS)

Here is the Avaya ARS dial plan we are using with our 2talk SIP trunk.

Please note the following:

  • Line group 0 is our PSTN group, you’ll see below emergency calls and Telecom service numbers are set to go over PSTN. Freephone numbers also go over PSTN because they are free.
  • 3XXXXXX & 9XXXXXX are to allow local Christchurch calls, see Telephone numbers in New Zealand to find out the prefixes you need to add to allow local calling in your region.
  • 00XN; is for international calls, XN is a wildcard for when a number isn’t recognized – but it will wait for the 4 second timeout before the call goes through.
Code Telephone Number Feature Line Group Id
00XN; .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
03XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
04XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
06XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
07XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
09XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
3XXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
9XXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
0800XXXXXX . Dial 0
0508XXXXXX . Dial 0
028XXXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
1XX . Dial Emergency 0
01X . Dial 0
027XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
022XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
029XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
0210XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
0212XXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
021XXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
0211XXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
083XXX . Dial 0
01XX . Dial 0
XN . Dial 0
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