Avaya IP Office New Zealand Dial Plan (ARS)

Here is the Avaya ARS dial plan we are using with our 2talk SIP trunk.

Please note the following:

  • Line group 0 is our PSTN group, you’ll see below emergency calls and Telecom service numbers are set to go over PSTN. Freephone numbers also go over PSTN because they are free.
  • 3XXXXXX & 9XXXXXX are to allow local Christchurch calls, see Telephone numbers in New Zealand to find out the prefixes you need to add to allow local calling in your region.
  • 00XN; is for international calls, XN is a wildcard for when a number isn’t recognized – but it will wait for the 4 second timeout before the call goes through.
Code Telephone Number Feature Line Group Id
00XN; .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
03XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
04XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
06XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
07XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
09XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
3XXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
9XXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
0800XXXXXX . Dial 0
0508XXXXXX . Dial 0
028XXXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
1XX . Dial Emergency 0
01X . Dial 0
027XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
022XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
029XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
0210XXXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
0212XXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
021XXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
0211XXXXXX .”@2talk.co.nz” Dial 1
083XXX . Dial 0
01XX . Dial 0
XN . Dial 0






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    If you want to get more specific about the length of the 0210 Vodafone numbers


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