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Server 2008 Web Edition & Sharepoint Foundation 2010

I presumed it was a given that Sharepoint would be able to run on Server 2008 Web Edition, however I was mistaken, and found out the hard way when the prerequisite installer wouldn’t work on a shiny new VM. The prerequisite installer was failing immediately when trying to setup the IIS role, giving the message […]

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Summer IT Projects

My last exam is all done and dusted, marking the completion of my B.Sc in Computer Science! No time to pat myself on the back for that just yet however. Here is a list of IT projects I’ll be likely working on for the next couple of months. Hopefully I’ll be able to cross most […]

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Making Age of Mythology work in Parallels

Now I’m not a gamer, but I do like to have the occasional multiplayer game of Age of Mythology or Age of Empires. When I purchased the upgrade to Parallels 4 earlier in the year I was disappointed to find Age of Mythology wouldn’t run on it. You wil get the error message “This graphics […]

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I’ve been playing around with IPv6 over the last few days; my ISP doesn’t give out IPv6 addresses yet, but thanks to Hurricane Electric I now have a /48 being routed straight to me. In theory I could subnet that /48 into 65536 subnets, each containing a ridiculous number of hosts. This is a strange […]

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Affordable IP Phone Systems

Asterisk has been around for a number of years now, most tech consultants will be aware that there are open source PBX solutions that can run on your PC. However, until I discovered the Atcom IP series of Asterisk appliances, I knew I would have a hard time convincing small businesses of the benefits of […]

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DNS Performance Test Utility

Recently I have been trying to tune the internet performance at work (and find out whether it is faster to run a DNS forwarder on our VPS hosted in a data centre, or to do queries directly to OpenDNS), and found this cross-platform tool which looks very useful for checking out query speeds of different […]

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Sysprep, Standard PC, ACPI, Ghost Images

NEVER try creating a ghost or sysprep image with your source computer’s HAL set to Standard PC! I wish I had noticed this critical point in documentation earlier: You can deploy a Sysprep image created on a computer that uses a Standard PC, Non-ACPI PIC HAL (Hal.dll) to a computer that uses the following HAL types:  • […]

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'Back to My Mac' flak?

Back to My Mac is fundamentally flawed in their decision not to have a hosted SSL solution for it, and for the fact you can only use it from other Macs.

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OK So I'm Addicted…

… to the iTunes Music store! It finally launched in New Zealand a few weeks ago, and I can’t keep away from it! I think my best buy off it was probably the Chili Pepper’s Stadium Arcadium, which for $17.99 had the two CDs and a video of the making of their video, and a […]

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MacBook Pro Defects Update

I took my MacBook Pro down to iLike Computing, who kindly arranged to have it sent off for warranty repair. After spending some time and being put through to many different people at Renaissance New Zealand I finally got a woman named Claire who basically said that because I had parallel imported it, they couldn’t […]

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