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Making Age of Mythology work in Parallels

Now I’m not a gamer, but I do like to have the occasional multiplayer game of Age of Mythology or Age of Empires. When I purchased the upgrade to Parallels 4 earlier in the year I was disappointed to find Age of Mythology wouldn’t run on it. You wil get the error message “This graphics […]

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'Back to My Mac' flak?

Back to My Mac is fundamentally flawed in their decision not to have a hosted SSL solution for it, and for the fact you can only use it from other Macs.

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MacBook Pro Defects Update

I took my MacBook Pro down to iLike Computing, who kindly arranged to have it sent off for warranty repair. After spending some time and being put through to many different people at Renaissance New Zealand I finally got a woman named Claire who basically said that because I had parallel imported it, they couldn’t […]

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Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

I just found a fantastic article with some keyboard shortcut tips for Windows Users switching to Mac. If you use a Mac – check them out. This page also contains a good list – if you want to see every keyboard shortcut on the market

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MacBook Pro

After spending many hours trying to find the best deal, watching the NZ dollar and all the rest, I finally ordered a MacBook Pro on Friday from Sparco Computing.I feel this is probably as good a time as any I will get to buy one – I figured that next year I will be a […]

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