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  • Hyundai Ioniq 28kw Remote Monitoring with ESPHome and A Better Route Planner

    Developed a configuration to remotely monitor the Hyundai Ioniq 28kw using ESPHome on MeatPi’s WiCAN interface. This enables monitoring the car telemetry from A Better Route Planner (ABRP) or Home Assistant.

  • Managing Shelly relay schedules remotely from Home Assistant

    Managing Shelly relay schedules remotely from Home Assistant

    When I was first getting started with Home Assistant in 2018 or so, part of my job was assisting with the facilities management. The building relied heavily on Siemens APOGEE controllers for HVAC control, which controlled VSD fans, relays and actuators for hot/cold water circuits. Coming from a SysAdmin background, I was surprised to learn…

  • Aeotec Micro Smart Switch & Home Assistant

    Several weeks ago my long awaited Z-Wave module for the Pine64 arrived. I managed to get open-zwave¬† installed on Debian on the Pi, found it was on /dev/ttyS2, but this week ran into trouble setting up my first Z-Wave device, the Aeotec Micro Switch. Tailing the OZW_Log.txt I could see it get added to the…

  • Roomie Remote IP control for PJ-Link compatible projectors

    We finally got our new Epson EB-4650 (unsure on exact model) projector connected to the network this week, allowing me to complete our Roomie Remote setup: controlling a projector, Marantz receiver, DVD and Freeview box. Although Roomie Remote had a one-size-fits-all Epson projector definition, I couldn’t get it working with IP control. Knowing the projector…