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MacBook Pro Defects Update

I took my MacBook Pro down to iLike Computing, who kindly arranged to have it sent off for warranty repair. After spending some time and being put through to many different people at Renaissance New Zealand I finally got a woman named Claire who basically said that because I had parallel imported it, they couldn’t do anything about it. I brought up the issue of the international warranty, and she said that yes if there was anything covered by warranty (the pixel was not) they would be obliged to repair it.

Anyway – it turns out that the whole screen did end up getting replaced (it mustn’t have been easy to replace just the bezel), and I got it back a day or two before I went on holiday. So now both the issue with the bright red pixel, and the buckled screen is fixed… But be warned! If the screen wasn’t buckled, they wouldn’t have touched the pixel and I would have had to send it back to Sparco to get a replacement – by that time it would be out of the 14 days you have to claim a replacement.

Now I just need to fund some portable external hard drives, and get my work flows converted to Mac!

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Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

I just found a fantastic article with some keyboard shortcut tips for Windows Users switching to Mac. If you use a Mac – check them out.

This page also contains a good list – if you want to see every keyboard shortcut on the market


MacBook Pro Defects

On Monday, my MacBook Pro arrived. Fantastic piece of equipment, but that isn’t what this post is about. It didn’t take me long to notice some out of box issues that really made me mad. When one pays as much as they did for a laptop, they want it to be perfect, and with Apple’s classy products you wouldn’t expect any less than that.

First thing I noticed was a bright red stuck pixel. Fantastic! You have this great machine for photo and video editing but then it is ruined by a bright red pixel which I understand is not covered in the warranty. I know from experience that Dell would have a new laptop in the post within minutes if you rang up and explained you were a multimedia professional and couldn’t have a stuck pixel.

Stuck Pixel Close Up

It took me a couple of hours to notice the next, more worrying problem; the strip of metal along the bottom of the screen (above the hinge) was buckled, and definitely something they should be shipping without. It is very noticeable on the left side, specially when closing the screen; there is some on the right side too but not as severe.

Buckled Metal Buckled Metal Right side buckled

I called Apple yesterday, who asked me to take it into my nearest Apple Service Centre, which happened to be in Hokitika. If I get it done before Wednesday next week I believe I am entitled to ask for a replacement or repair, which I will obviously be asking for the replacement (because they wouldn’t repair the stuck pixel). I hope it doesn’t take long however, because I have the youth group ball on Saturday Night which I am DJ’ing for and could really do with it.

I hope Apple support is as good as they claim it to be.

UPDATE 10/12/06: I took it to the Apple place yesterday, who said that yes it is definitely covered under warranty. I now have to ring Renaissance on Monday morning and convince them that I need a replacement, rather than just a repair.


MacBook Pro

After spending many hours trying to find the best deal, watching the NZ dollar and all the rest, I finally ordered a MacBook Pro on Friday from Sparco Computing.I feel this is probably as good a time as any I will get to buy one – I figured that next year I will be a poor student and there will be no way I can afford one; the NZ dollar is buying a decent amount of USD; and apple have just updated their Pro laptop line-up.If you say “Eww Mac”, go away – I don’t want you reading my blog. So the specs are as follows:

MacBook Pro running Front Row

  • 15″ Wide Screen
  • 2.33Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 120GB Hard Drive
  • Built in Wireless LAN & Bluetooth
  • ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 256MB Graphics
  • Built in iSight Camera
  • Dual Layer DVD Writer
  • Apple FrontRow Remote


I also ordered a USB Modem for it, a DVI to Video adaptor (so I can plug it into the TV), a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard, and a Logitech V270 Bluetooth Mouse. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000Logitech V270 Bluetooth MouseFor a while I was a little overexcited, thinking that because I was getting it from the USA it was going to work out that I could get the 17″ model for the same price as the cheapest model in NZ, but that turned out to be incorrect because I wasn’t allowing for GST. It still works out around $1000 cheaper getting it from overseas. So on Friday I went down to the bank and did an International Money Transfer – my first telegraph! Now the hard part – waiting for it! The ETA in the States was the 5th November, that has now been pushed to the 9th, but I suspect it might be even longer than that. If anyone is interested in buying my PC – let me know. I will put it up on TradeMe soon.


Firefox 2.0

Firefox 2Today I installed the shiny new Firefox 2, and it is Oh So Very Nice! Just as Internet Explorer 7 is released, and has caught up on some of the features Firefox has had for years, Mozilla Firefox remains unbeatable.

Although Firefox 2.0 is not yet officially released, I am told by good sources that the Release Candidate 3 version is exactly the same as the version that will be shipping on Wednesday – so I got in quick today to avoid the hammering the servers will be getting when the final is released.
One of the new highlights for me, aside from the slick new interface; is built in spell checking which is great for blogging – No more copy and pasting into Microsoft Word. Also is the ability to restore tabs lost if your system crashes etc, which previously required an extension.

Check out the new features and release notes here and you can also download the release from that page. I highly recommend the update.