OK So I'm Addicted…

… to the iTunes Music store!

It finally launched in New Zealand a few weeks ago, and I can’t keep away from it!

I think my best buy off it was probably the Chili Pepper’s Stadium Arcadium, which for $17.99 had the two CDs and a video of the making of their video, and a PDF of the booklet that would come with the hard copy of the CD.

My other more significant purchases include Bic Runga’s Birds, and I better not forget The Magic of Boney-M!

So being addicted to the iTunes store isn’t really the best, just after I signed my life away on my student loan, and accepted my enrollment offer at Canterbury University.

18 days to go, till I am off to Christchurch… Exciting! Of course most of those will be spent working; hopefully not the 12 hour days I have been doing recently though.

Thats me for now – I must go and order some prints from DigitalMax who are until Sunday doing 6×4 photo prints for a mere 15c ($0.15NZ) . That is stupidly cheap! Even when they are not on special they are generally between $0.20 and $0.23 each. So much cheaper than anywhere else in NZ will offer you!

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