New UFB ISP option for Greymouth business customers

Today ISP DTS announced availability of their UFB services in Greymouth, providing a compelling option for businesses considering a UFB upgrade. Being a business only ISP you can expect a higher level of service and support than the small business plans offered by other providers (Spark, Snap/2degrees).

Their pricing comes in very competitively at $119/month for 100GB or $149 for unlimited, on a 100/100Mbps connection, and can also provide 200/200Mbps for a little more.

DTS have nearly completed (at the time of writing 1 region to go) a nationwide deployment allowing them to provide UFB services in each area.

I’m not affiliated with DTS in any way, but hope to see a great uptake of UFB in Greymouth and the regions. UFB means New Zealanders (well, those who can get it) have huge opportunities to compete on the global level with digital exports. It means you no longer need your own dedicated phone system or servers, leave that to the experts and focus on more important things.

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